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Our Lycra fabric Viscos two way fabrics.The Dia is 32 Inch. It is used for making leggings & Patiyala, The G.S.M of the Fabric is 160.It Comes in Vierant.

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Saleena Fabric

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Our Saleena fabric is a interlock fabric and it has 160 GSM.
Its DIA is 36 Inch.
It is available in varient colors.

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PP  (Plain Poly) Fabric

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Our PP Fabric has GSM of 90,110,140 and DIA of 36 Inch.
Our Fabric has good color fastness and maintenance free.

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Nirmal Knit

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Our Nirmal Knit fabric has 180 GSM and it has good luster property
It is availabe with printing and embroidary.

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Our Products

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Lacoste Fabric

This fabric is self designed fabric.
It is used to manufacture corporate and school T-shirts
This fabric has good color fastness

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Dolor Prints

Honeycomb Fabric

It is a interlock fabric.
It has honey comb structure at the top of the fabric
It comes in multi color

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Dot Knit Fabric

It is small diamond shape design
It is made up spun yarn
It has very good luster property
The feel of the fabric is very soft

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Track Pant

Jackbro Fabric is a Interlock Fabric It has a DIA of 36 Inch It is used to make Dark Suit and Pant This fabric has good color fastness

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